Are Solar Panels Covered by My Florida Homeowners Insurance?

Vampire fiction is quite a hot topic these days. From Interview with Vampire all the way to the latest Twilight craze. What is with people’s fascination with the vampire lifestyle? Is it their charm? Is it their mysteriousness? Perhaps their pale skin?

In fact, there are some people out there that follow through with the vampire lifestyle. As a Florida resident, avoiding the sun can be quite tough. You would, for the most part, be stuck in your home. Why not use the sun as an advantage and use solar panels?

Vampires vs the Sun

All Vampires’ worst enemy is the sun, but why not win the war and use solar panels? It’s important to understand if your solar panels are covered by your Florida homeowners insurance. Not only are solar panels perfect for the hot Florida sun, but they also are on the rise in popularity.

If you already have solar panels or are deciding to install them for your home, you will want to make sure that you are fully protected if damages occurred. The most frequent damages being hurricane-related, high winds and flooding could damage your property and your solar panels.

Whether or not your solar panels are covered by Florida homeowners insurance is another matter. Your policy will determine if you are covered or not. Many policies will include your solar panels. In fact, most solar panels are considered to be a permanent attachment to your home. Therefore, they will be considered as a permanent attachment. Keep these factors in mind when it comes to solar panels.

Always Remember That Your Coverage Limits Will Vary

Installing solar panels in your home can cost thousands of dollars. Before you decide to take out any type of insurance coverage, you need to be sure that you understand your policy limits.

Not Every Single Peril Out There Is Covered

For the most part, you will only be covered for perils listed in your Florida homeowners insurance. These perils consist of lightning, fire, theft, vandalism, etc. Usually, if your panels are destroyed due to hurricane damages and flooding you will need to purchase extra coverage.

Paying Your Deductible Is a Must

Your deductible is the amount of money that you will pay out of your own pocket before your policy kicks in. A typically deductible is around $500, but you can adjust accordingly.

Solar panels are a great way to save some cash on your energy bill. It’s important to review your Florida homeowners insurance policy and make sure they are completely covered. You definitely do not want a gap in coverage or else you will be paying thousands out of pocket.

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